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SEI 2013 (Seidr / Seidh Event International) The Netherlands

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Seidh Event International
The Netherlands

Thursday 24 - Sunday 27 October 2013

Seidh or seidr is an ancient form of shamanism and mysticism within the Germanic Field, once practised by peoples from large parts of Europe. It incorporated singing, trance, shapeshifting, staff-work and much more. Many skilled seidhworkers of today are bringing the ancient seidr tradition into modern day useful practice, for instance for gaining knowledge, healing and empowerment.

The theme for SEI 2013 will be the use of seidh in daily life, how to practice seidh alone at home.

Join SEI 2013 to explore ancient and modern seidr knowledge and practice!

Christian Kordas (Germany)

Frigga Asraaf (Netherlands)
http://www.skald.nl http://www.hetrad.nl

Michiel de Nijs (Netherlands)

SEI 2013 is still work in progress.

It is 2013! Finnaly! It will happen!

Please see for further information and an enrolmentform:


Re: SEI 2013 (Seidr / Seidh Event International) The Netherl

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Enrolmentform: http://www.hetrad.nl/heidendom/bijeenkomsten/sei2013.html

Remember to register for the seidr event of the year before October the 8th!

Programm so far:

Arival 16.00 hours onwards
Opening ceremony 20.00 hours

Spirit of Place - Michiel de Nijs 9.30 - 12.00 hours
us about landwights, house wights, nixes and so on. These wights embody the soul of the place they belong to. They are what's behind the animation of those places and a force to be reckoned with.
If the weather allows it I'll take you outside. Outside to meet the landwights that reside there and connect to them and to the ideas and field they incorporate.
If we are going to work inside, housewights will be the focus of our attention. Central themes will be connecting to them, working with the atmosphere they create, how to feel at home in places.

Sacred Seidr Songs - Frigga Asraaf 13.45 - 15.15 hours
These days new sacred seidr songs are given to us by the spirits.Through singing we can reach out to the spirits and spirits can reach out to us and bring blessing, empowerment and healing. Songs to help us in our daily life.
Seidr singing or power singing is not about singing in tune, but to share your energy through your voice for yourself or for others.

Spá-ritual 20.00 hours
A ceremony inspired by the famous part of text from the Saga of Eirik the Red: a seeress will go into trance to answer questions for the gathered folk.

Nine Words - Christian Kordas 13.30 - 17.00 hours
Who does not know them, the often in legends and fairy tales mentioned mystic places like "Valhalla", "Mrs. Holles Garden" or, the cave worlds of the Svartalfar?
I would like to take you there. During this shorttrips to some of the Nine Worlds, I use practical exercises and sounds to awake subconscious archaic-collective memory, which is stored in your cells.

Saterday Evening Surprise Ritual 20.00 hours

Closing ceremony 11.00 hours