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new here

A place for guests who don't speak Polish
Ein Ort für Gäste die nicht sprechen Polnisch

Re: new here

Postprzez Isa » wtorek, 14 sierpnia 2012, 00:14

Any suggestion about the subject? ;)

I'm quite sure, we are also irritating sometimes. And arrogant? I don't know, some people could say something like that. Maybe it is not 'the nation thing' and also not a matter of Asatru, just human nature.

Now I see, Koziou has already started a new subject ;)
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Re: new here

Postprzez Sigrarr » wtorek, 4 września 2012, 10:23

Hello bil!

I have a question about the sentence "lewwe woohl un faahr mit de Gedder" which usually ends your posts and you've put into your signature. Which language is it and what does this sentence mean?
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Re: new here

Postprzez KozioU » wtorek, 4 września 2012, 10:48

I think it is Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch, which Bil mentioned in other topic.
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